Assinie, Région du Sud-Comoé

Villa Sentinelle

The Sentinel Villa is a weekend residence in Assinie, a highly sought-after haven of peace 80 kilometres from Abidjan, for those who wish to take a break from the city and reconnect with nature.

With a frugal volumetric composition, free of embellishments, the villa is reduced to its most basic definition, featuring a living space (living room + kitchen) and bedrooms. Entirely white and transparent, its presence, like a spectre, is barely noticeable. It fades away to make room for nature, the site’s primary asset: the fresh air, the lagoon, the sand, and the lush vegetation. The precedence given to these physical elements fosters the exaltation of the noblest human emotions: ecstasy, serenity, joy, and love.

Assinie, Région du Sud-Comoé