Assinie, Région du Sud-Comoé

Villa Moabi

The village of Assinie is a pristine corner of paradise in the South-Comoé region. However, it’s reasonable to wonder for how much longer, given the ongoing appeal it holds for the well-to-do class in Côte d’Ivoire. For now, however, it serves as a place for some fortunate individuals to re-establish their original connection with nature: the sun, fresh air, the sea, and lush greenery.

The connection with nature is the very reason for being of Villa Moabi.: large outdoor terraces, extensive glass windows blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, the omnipresence of vegetation and bodies of water, use of wood and stone materials. The project endeavours to create a serene environment for rest and meditation, allowing its occupants to detach themselves from the intoxicating pace of the city and establish a periodic, invigorating dialogue with the spirit of the place, the Genius Loci, an emanation of the ancient soul of the world.

Assinie, Région du Sud-Comoé