Synacass-CI, Cocody Riviera Golf, Abidjan

Villa Arafa

The Arafa Villa is a private residence built on 480 m² in the SYNACASS-CI 2 estate at Riviera Golf. The main block of the villa consists of a large, bright living room, a European kitchen, and a guest bedroom on the ground floor. The family space occupies the first floor, comprising a private living room, 3 children’s bedrooms, and a spacious master bedroom. At the rear of the main block stands the annex, which houses a gym, a study room, the African kitchen, and the service bedrooms on the ground floor, and a reception terrace with a mosque on the first floor.

The spatial organisation of the villa has taken advantage of its two street-facing facades and a patio on the first floor to ensure pleasant natural lighting and good ventilation in the rooms.

Synacass-CI, Cocody Riviera Golf, Abidjan