Cocody Ambassades, Abidjan

Siège Endeavour Mining

Totem has won the idea contest for the design of Endeavour Mining’s sub-regional headquarters, located in the Cocody Ambassades district, with immediate neighbours being Ambassadors’ residences. Therefore, this project’s major constraint was its harmonious integration into this residential landscape while conveying the group’s brand image through its presence. To do this, the project takes advantage of the significant existing slope on the site to create a semi-buried level (garden level) in addition to the basement itself and bring the height of the building to that of the surrounding constructions. Furthermore, it adopts elements of contemporary residential architecture in its formal language.

The basement of the project is occupied by parking and archives. At the garden level, a landscaped arrangement dominated by a large overflow water basin occupies the front courtyard from which the interior of the building receives natural light through a completely glazed facade. This natural light is enhanced by skylights with, in some places, green walls allowing to introduce a touch of nature inside the offices. Offices and guest rooms occupy the ground floor. Finally, the executive vice president’s offices, with generous terraces offering a breathtaking view of the Ebrié Lagoon, topped the project.

In terms of interior layout, the project breaks with the classic austerity of office environments by creating a very friendly atmosphere with warm textures (gold, wood, fabric) and the presence of vegetation. In addition, ethnic references give a specifically African character to spaces, the overall appearance of which remains very contemporary.

Cocody Ambassades, Abidjan