Riviera Golf 4, Abidjan

Scorpii Vita

Although it is one of the most upscale areas in Abidjan, Riviera Golf Beverly Hills is a residential environment offering limited opportunities for socialising and interactions between neighbours, as individual houses are protected and isolated by increasingly effective security measures. This issue is addressed by Totem Architects in the Scorpii projects.

The Scorpii Vita project is a “micro” residential enclave built on 2,000 m², consisting of 4 small single-family 6-room villas. The idea is to share a secure entrance to use lightweight fences, allowing the villas to breathe and promoting interaction between neighbours without sacrificing privacy. The project’s reduced size also helps limit the inherent problems of residential enclaves when they become significant in the urban fabric, particularly the fragmentation of said fabric and associated social tensions.

From a materials perspective, the project combines the purity and tranquillity of white with the natural warmth of wood.

Riviera Golf 4, Abidjan