Rivera Golf 4, Abidjan

Résidences Bolingo

The Bolingo project is situated in the posh neighbourhood of Riviera Golf in Cocody, occupying a 1,900 m² plot. It is divided into two parts by a central access road: on the left is the leading villa inhabited by the owner, and on the right are three small, independent rental villas that could potentially serve as guest houses.

On the ground floor, the living area of the main villa consists of a large main living room extending outwards through an expansive terrace overlooking the extensive garden and swimming pool. Activities around the pool are centred around a reception lounge separate from the main building. The service area adjacent to the 4-vehicle garage consists of indoor and outdoor kitchens facing the service courtyard. Between the living and service areas are the guest bedroom and the mosque. The upper floor includes a family living room, three bedrooms, and an office.

The secondary villas, all identical, can each accommodate a small family of around 5 people. They comprise a main living room, a guest bedroom on the ground floor, a family living room, and three bedrooms on the upper floor. Each of them also has 2 private parking spaces.

Rivera Golf 4, Abidjan