Cocody Ambassades, Abidjan

Résidence Carnelian

Totem Architects were tasked with renovating a large 1970s villa in Abidjan’s iconic Cocody Ambassades neighbourhood. The villa features a spacious tree-filled garden with beautiful trees that are several decades old, housing a secluded swimming pool separate from the main building. Totem’s proposal eliminates this old pool, replacing it with an expansive infinity pool with a submerged beach positioned in line with the terrace of the large living room. This body of water forms the focal point of the new architectural composition.

A pool house has been erected where the old pool once stood, providing additional space to enjoy the courtyard and garden, where most of the large trees have been preserved by the landscaping. A sauna and hammam block, accessible to the entire household, has been added to the main building. Lastly, a guesthouse has been created near the second entrance gate, operating completely independently from the main building.

Cocody Ambassades, Abidjan
Ahmed Sangaré, Sionfougo Soro