Mankono, Région du Béré

Mosquée Karama

In Mankono, within the Béré Region, as in other Ivorian cities with a strong Islamic history, a mosque often symbolises the prominence, power, and connection to the religion of a prominent family. One such family, the Cissé Family, commissioned Totem Architects to construct their mosque.

Despite other available lands, the Cissé Family chose the site where the current small family mosque stands for two reasons: firstly, it is strategically located at the intersection of the main roads running through the city; secondly, the Cissés wish to honour the memory of their ancestors by preserving the site where they worshipped Allah, generation after generation.

The collaboration between Totem Architects and the Cissé Family has resulted in a modern and eco-friendly mosque that exalts spirituality through a subtle play of pure forms enhanced by light.

Mankono, Région du Béré