Riviera Palmeraie, Abidjan


The Community of Muslim Students and Pupils mosque in Côte d’Ivoire is located in Akouédo, in the eastern extension area of Abidjan. Although adorned with traditional Islamic architectural mashrabiyas, the mosque adopts an innovative volumetric approach with pure straight lines uncommon for Islamic places of worship in the Ivorian urban landscape. This unprecedented approach calls for rebuilding the Islamic community from its foundation (the students and pupils) to face the significant challenges of our century.

The building comprises a large prayer hall, whose double height allowed for creating of a mezzanine to increase the number of sheltered prayer spaces. The management committee, led by the imam, has strategically positioned offices for direct access to the mihrab and minbar. Finally, for better hygiene, appropriate taps are provided in the ablution corners for ritual purification, reducing the need for tassalés.

Riviera Palmeraie, Abidjan