M'Badon Riviera 6, Cocody Abidjan

M’Badon Life

Totem was selected following an architectural competition for the M’Badon Life project. This small neighbourhood unit is centred around a large, central green space. This central area extends into a promenade along the lagoon waterfront, acting as the focal point of the architectural composition and providing a space for relaxation, play, and socialisation.

The project comprises a total of six (6) F6 duplex villas, ten (10) F4 townhouses, and two (2) apartment buildings with F4 and F3 flats, one of which is topped by a stunning F5 penthouse.


The placement of the buildings takes advantage of the significant difference in elevation between the street-facing facade of the development and the lagoon. As such, the two apartment buildings are situated at the highest point, ensuring that all residential units have an unobstructed view of the lagoon with their large northeast-facing windows. The facades of the villas facing the apartment buildings are less open, allowing for better control of privacy issues between neighbours.

M'Badon Riviera 6, Cocody Abidjan