Jacqueville, Région des Grands-Ponts

Les Suites Privées d’Avagou

Since the inauguration in 2015 of the bridge connecting the Jacqueville peninsula to the rest of Côte d’Ivoire, this coastal town located about sixty kilometres west of Abidjan has become an increasingly popular destination for Ivorians. Various ongoing development projects aim to make Jacqueville and its surrounding villages a credible alternative to the famous Assinie. The Select project, near the village of Avagou, is part of this approach.

Comprising exclusively of 14 Private Suites, each arranged according to a unique theme, this project takes on the appearance of a genuine boutique hotel divided into two main parts. The private section consists of the suites themselves, with select services reserved for guests: a restaurant, a tea room, a cigar lounge, a bar, a swimming pool, and a large conference room. On the other hand, the public part includes a restaurant and a large freeform pool for enjoying the sea. These two components are connected by a peaceful and soothing garden walk arranged according to the principles of Japanese Zen.

Jacqueville, Région des Grands-Ponts