JM Resorts & Residences

JM Resorts & Residences is an architectural proposal for a site in the city of Bingerville, east of Abidjan, in a paradisiacal environment bordering a clear lagoon branch. Located on one of the most dynamic urbanisation fronts in the Abidjan urban area, the complex is surrounded by high-end real estate projects intended to take over from Cocody as the upscale residential area of the Ivorian economic capital.

The conceptual challenge was to propose a project that, as the first major development in the area, would set the tone in terms of standing, architectural research, enhancement, and preservation of the fragile lagoon shoreline. The project consists of a luxury hotel topped with a residential complex made up of high-end villas. It is organised so that the lagoon landscape remains visible throughout the site. Moreover, the shoreline, which remains publicly accessible, will be developed with a small marina entering the Ebrié Lagoon.