Cité du Niger Bamako

CDN Building

The CDN Building, located in the upscale district of Cité du Niger in Bamako, consists of 10 high-end modern apartments. With the three immediate neighbours of the project being embassies, the client’s main instruction was to design apartments that, while being very open and naturally lit, would not compromise the privacy and security of the neighbours. Totem Architects achieves this with completely opaque east and west façades, and transparent south and north façades: the former facing the road, and the latter towards an inner courtyard isolated from the neighbour by a tall hedge.

The ground floor of the building includes the concierge and parking space, as well as a 4-bedroom apartment with a private garden. The standard floors consist of two (2) 3-bedroom apartments and one (1) 4-bedroom apartment. Finally, the top level features a shared terrace with a hanging garden.

Cité du Niger Bamako