Totem Architects was founded by Ahmed Sangaré and Sionfougo Soro in 2015. After 5 years of professional practice in architectural and interior design firms, working on various types of projects such as offices, residences, hotels, educational establishments, and mixed-use buildings, Ahmed and Sionfougo combined their respective experiences to bring together a talented team centred around the values of trust, creativity, and commitment.

Totem Architects has a portfolio that includes high-end villas for private clients, apartment buildings, office buildings, corporate and institutional headquarters, hotels, and cultural buildings.

The strength of the firm lies in its youth, dynamism, and excellent collaboration with the best local talent.

At Totem Architects, we recognise that there can be no architecture without a client. Consequently, the client is at the heart of our approach. They can be assured of attentive listening during the entire project lifecycle. In the dialogue we establish with them, we treat each of their needs as an opportunity for human interaction, idea exchange, and exercising our creativity. Our conceptual approach is decidedly modern in the broadest sense – with all the challenges it entails, including ecological construction concerns – but proudly rooted in the local context and African cultural heritage.